1. The Mud Slide
The mud slide occurs when you are sitting at your desk and try to hold in a fart but finally cave to the pressure and cut loose with a giant shart.
If you have a cloth top chair and are also wearing khakis, you will be in serious trouble - no hiding that one. Always have a vineagar and dish soap spray bottle handy.

2. The Low-Humidity, High Pressure Fart (a.k.a. - the Fart Needles)
A seriously stinging ripper that causes your own sphincter to painfully slap itself.

3. The High-Humidity, Low Pressure Fart (a.k.a. - the Ghost Fart)
A deep, deadly slow fart that is normally silent, unless you have a shaved asshole, then it sounds like a waterfall inside a car wash.

4. The Case of the Missing Mud
More about this one another day...for now what you need to know is that someone else will find that mud you lost unless you stop and strip and bag up everything you were wearing and get in the shower now.

5. Silent But Deadly (a.k.a. - SBD)

6. The Rat Fart
A simple one note popper that stinks like an A.S.P.

7. The Beer Fart

8. The Fish Fart


The Hall of the Immortals may only be entered after the tacos are gone.

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