Chronik des Lentzeschen Geschlechts

Chronik des Lentzeschen Geschlechts

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Insignia of the Family Lentz

Inside cover of the Chronik

Inside cover of the Update

What is Wolmasia?


Who was Heinrich Kypke, pastor emeritus?

I inherited the 2 volumes of the Lentz Chronik from my grandparents.
My Grandfather was Clarence Wilhelm Karl Lentz, born January 13, 1900 and Died in 1972, he is found at page 126 of the 1908 edition.
He is buried in Mapleton Minnesota.

There is a very obscure reference to the edition of 1842 in the Primary Edition, also I have heard rumors over the years of addtional updates that were made as late as 1938.

I would very much like to translate both volumes into readable English and German, but the project is huge and few people remain who are able to read much of what is written these volumes.
I am hoping to translate my both readable German and English if anyone should show interest in this project.
There are some 1000 pages of text and probably over 100 multipage trees, and many many pictures and woodcuts.
My project goal is to scan and preserve each and every page of both volumes that I posess.

Additional information (other then the plenty I have, but haven't got around to posting):

The 2 volumes I have are written in Old German Prussian, what this means is that my OCR scanner has great difficulty in correctly reading many letters.
That also means that this is no automatic job.  I've been trying for years to create a recognition program for this with varying degrees of success.

In the 1960's, my Grandfather hired a translator from Mankato State University to translate some pages, and this was at a time when most
people in Mapleton Minnesota still spoke and read this type of script.  The task was difficult enough that only 3 pages of information were obtained,
which is far less than what my computer has accomplished over the years.

If this is of interest to you, contact me here:

elite.lentz  at