This is the SR-22 Statement of Financial Responsibility form.

This is a standard form used in many states in addition to North Dakota.

This form is also know as the "FR Filing"

Note that there are two type FR Filing:

--Owner's Policy applies to the vehicles listed AND replacements for 30 days only (this is often limited by the specific policy to 14 days).
--Operator's Policy is for vehicles NOT owned by the operator ONLY.


Joe Snuffy has an SR-22 that lists a 1990 CHEV CAVALIER.  He trades this car for a 1991 CHEV CAVALIER.  He does not inform his insurance company until 45 days after he has obtained the replacement vehicle.  His insurance is inforce, but the 1991 CHEV CAVALIER is technically not covered by his auto policy and he has violated the terms of the financial responsibilty filing.  This could lead to a denial of coverage if he has an accident with this vehicle.

Joe Snuffy has an SR-22 that lists a 1995 DODGE CARAVAN.  He is driving his friend's 1990 FORD F150 with permission.  His insurance is in force.  He is covered because his personal auto policy covers non-owned vehicles used with permission and not used for business or commercial purposes.

Joe Snuffy has an SR-22 that lists a 1990 FORD F150.  He is driving his employer's tool van to the lumber yard to get supplies.  He is not covered by his auto policy.  He may be covered by his employer's auto policy, but he may be in violation of his financial responsibility requirements.

Joe Snuffy has an Operator's Policy and an Operator's Policy SR-22.  He buys a car but does not inform his insurance company.  He has no coverage for this vehicle and he has violated his financial responsibility requirements.